This is the character of Zac Eubank as seen on RogueLike. He debuted in the first episode of RogueLike, and served as Head Analyst (GM) for 10.5 of the first 16 episodes before being replaced by Kelly Nugent.

Background Edit

Zac was originally very formal in his presentation and action as Head Analyst, even dressing in suits (ex. Episode 3). As time progressed, though, his attitude degenerated to the point that he would challenge corporate authority and become irate with simulation participants.

In episode 14, he was the subject of corporate review by the debuting Kelly from Corporate. He briefly pursued her role at corporate when Kelly was temporarily fired, though Kelly was quickly rehired.

In Episode 16, Zac became increasingly aggressive and hostile. He ultimately decided to quit and leave his post as Head Analyst due to Kelly's punishment for his attitude and actions (being made to sing within the next simulation).

Zac Post Firing

Zac after being fired/quitting (episode 16)

Character Lore Edit

Trivia Edit

In a July 13, 2018 "Honesty Hour" AMA on Twitch, Zac revealed that he didn't step away from GMing RogueLike due to being burnt out and/or not wanting to participate in the show. Rather, he felt Kelly was a better fit for the role.