Throughout the development of the RogueLike system, various GMs have created different incentives for audience involvement.

Previous Incentives Edit

Incentive Cost Episode Debut Episode Retired Notes
#Creature $25 Episode 2 A monster of the tipper's choosing could be summoned.
#Player $50 Episode 2 A player of the tipper's choice would be given GM powers for 60 seconds.
#GM (aka #HeadAnalyst) $100 Episode 2 Episode 18 The tipper could directly control/influence the game.
#Fear $25 Episode 18 A player of the tipper's choice would encounter their given fear within the simulation, causing them to be at a disadvantage.
#Malfunction $75 Episode 18 The tipper's contribution would cause a "system malfunction" which would randomly re-distribute all character traits, strengths, and fears between the four players. Hidden agendas remained the same.

Current Incentives Edit

This chart reflects the current incentives under GM Kelly from Corporate. Changes may be made for individual simulations where she is absent, done so at the discretion of the stand-in GM.

Incentive Cost Episode Debut Notes
#Flashback $10 Episode 19 In their debut, flashbacks costed $25. In Episode x, this cost was switched with #Fear.
#Fear $25 Episode 19 In their debut, adding fears costed $10. In Episode x, this cost was switched with #Flashback.
#Medication $50 Current medication possibilities, as determined by a GM d6 roll:

1 - Instant character death.

2 -

3 -

4 -

5 -

6 - Weird pill; the character realizes that the medication is actually a pill which can kill another player or NPC. This pill can be used at any point in the episode in any simulation that is played.

#Genre $75 Episode 19
#Sidequest $100 Episode 19