RogueLike is a chat-generated RPG. It is a game hosted by the fictitious company of Dungeon Inc., which is attempting to create the "perfect" RPG scenario. The series premiered on HyperRPG in January 2018. The show was mainly GMed by Zac Eubank, before being replaced on a permanent basis by Kelly Nugent.

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RogueLike is conducted with participation from the chatroom. Prior to each show, the RogueLike database  is open for audience submissions of genres, settings, characters, strengths, weaknesses, and hidden agendas.

The goal for each simulation is to complete one's hidden agenda without being called out on it by another player.

The rules for the show have varied over the show's run; prior to episode 19, simulations would end upon the completion of a player's hidden agenda.

In episode 19, Head Analyst Kelly from Corporate (Kelly Nugent) implemented new rules wherein a simulation would continue for a set time-limit (approximately one hour), and a hidden agenda completed will award the player ten points. Each participant will have three lives each, and each life is worth five additional points at the end of the simulation.

Along with the new game rules awarding overall victories based on points, in episode 23, the RogueLike Championship Belt was introduced. This belt would be awarded to the winner of a night's simulations, with the winner returning the following week to defend it (and vacating it if they should be unable to return).

In accordance with HyperRPG's mission of interactivity, viewers may influence the results of the game through an incentive-based donation system. The incentives have varied throughout the show's run.

Currently, viewer donations have the ability to compel a character to explain why they have a particular weakness, to assign them an addition fear, to force a player to take their medication (and receive a side-effect), to switch the genre of the simulation, or to generate a side-quest for the players.


Episode Head Analyst Participants Winner Notes
1 Episode not found.
2 Ryan Schalpas
  1. Danielle Radford
  2. Emma Fyffe
  3. Chris Bramante
  4. Matt Acevedo
Emma Fyffe* Emma, Danielle, and Chris each completed one hidden agenda.

Emma was declared the winner via the scores Ryan assigned for the degree of success with which each agenda was completed.

Simulations lasted for one hour each, and the winner was determined at the end.

3 Zac Eubank
  1. Malika Lim
  2. Jonny Cruz
  3. Stella Chuu
  4. Cameron Rice/Ify Nwadiwe
Jonny Cruz & Stella Chuu This episode featured the debut of Dungeon Inc. and live music by Branson.

Jonny and Stella each won a simulation.

Two simulations ran for an hour each, and the winners were determined via vote from the chat.

Ify replaced Cameron halfway through the second simulation.

Starting this episode, new subscribers during the show would have their names integrated into the story.

4 Zac Eubank
  1. Cameron Rice
  2. Danielle Radford
  3. Dani Fernandez
  4. Lucas Eubank
Lucas Eubank & Cameron Rice Beginning this episode, simulations ended at the completion of a hidden agenda.

Lucas and Cameron each won one of the night's simulations.

5 Zac Eubank
  1. Stella Chuu
  2. Jonny Cruz
  3. Kate Elliott
  4. Cameron Rice
6 Zac Eubank
7 Zac Eubank
8 Cameron Rice
9 Bert Jennings
10 Zac Eubank
11 Zac Eubank
  1. Stella Chuu
  2. Andy Campbell
  3. Janel SantaCruz
  4. Ify Nwadiwe
Ify Nwadiwe* DJ Hamburgers substituted for Branson this week.

Ify and Stella initially tied for simulation wins. The winner was decided via a rap battle, where the audience vote named Ify the winner.

12 Cameron Rice
13 Zac Eubank
14 Zac Eubank
15 Matt Acevedo
16 Zac Eubank/Kelly Nugent
  1. Stella Chuu
  2. Omar Najam
  3. Jacob Kraner
  4. Kelly Nugent/Zac Eubank
Zac was "fired" halfway through the episode. Kelly from Corporate immediately took over as Head Analyst, and Zac became a participant.

This episode features the debut of Kelly from Corporate as Head Analyst.

17 Kelly Nugent
  1. Minhdzuy Khorami
  2. Omar Najam
  3. Alex Walters
  4. Cameron Rice
Omar Najam Omar won two of the night's four simulations.

This episode featured the debut of Beth/Dead Beth.

18 Kelly Nugent
  1. Cameron Rice
  2. Jessica Verdi
  3. Mike Ginn
  4. Emma Fyffe
Jessica Verdi* *Jessica won one simulation worth five points to be declared the winner.

Jessica won three of the night's six simulations, though two of her simulation wins were negated via #HeadAnalyst donation incentives.

This was the last episode to feature the #Fear, #Malfunction, and #HeadAnalyst donation incentives.

This was the episode in which Branson was "adopted" by Kelly.

New RogueLike Rules Debuted - Win System Changed
19 Kelly Nugent
  1. Cheyenne Ewulu
  2. Chris Bramante
  3. Christian Spicer
  4. Bert Jennings
Christian Spicer DJ Hamburgers substituted for Branson.

This episode debuted the new rules for RogueLike.

20 Matt Acevedo
  1. Stella Chuu
  2. Jessica Verdi
  3. Ify Nwadiwe
  4. Zac Eubank
Ify Nwadiwe DJ Hamburgers substituted for Branson.

Kelly was on vacation this week.

21 Cameron Rice
  1. Brendon Milove
  2. Emily Jacobson
  3. Jesse Klein
  4. Jillian Dunn
Brendan Milove Kelly was on vacation this week.
22 Kelly Nugent
  1. Mark Fehrenbacher
  2. Joe Held
  3. Emily Gitelman
  4. Ricky Zargaras
23 Kelly Nugent
  1. Ify Nwadiwe
  2. Chunk
  3. Cucumber
  4. Jessica Verdi
Chunk This episode featured the debut of the RogueLike Championship Belt.

This episode had only one simulation.

24 Kelly Nugent
  1. Xander Jeanneret
  2. Chunk
  3. Rachel Slott
  4. Markeia McCarty
Markeia McCarty
25 Kelly Nugent
  1. Christian Humes
  2. Chad Fogland
  3. Brendan Milove
  4. Matt Acevedo
Brendan Milove This episode featured the debut of Bacon Boi.
26 Kelly Nugent
  1. Patrick Ehlers
  2. Matt Acevedo
  3. Kara Corvus
  4. Ryan Mogge
Kara Corvus The episode ended in a tie between Matt and Kara. Matt was disqualified by virtue of being an employee of Dungeon Inc.

Branson was on vacation this week.

This episode was the first to implement a 10-point bonus for players who completed a side quest.

27 Kelly Nugent
  1. Lucas Eubank/Janel SantaCruz
  2. Andy Campbell
  3. Jessica Verdi
  4. Ricky Mehigh
Ricky Mehigh Lucas was replaced by Janel after the first simulation.
28 Bert Jennings
  1. Dewie Sherwood
  2. Ricky Mehigh
  3. Chad Fogland
Dewie Sherwood After the second simulation ended, there was a three-way tie. The winner was decided in a "sudden death" simulation.
29 Kelly Nugent
  1. Omar Najam
  2. Dael Kingsmill
  3. David Butler
  4. Brendan Milove
Brendan Milove
30 Cameron Rice
  1. Brendan Milove
  2. Malika Lim Eubank
  3. Emily Rose Jacobson
  4. Markeia McCarty
Markeia McCarty Kelly was sick this week.
31 Kelly Nugent
  1. Matt Acevedo
  2. Colin J. Morris
  3. Josh Jones
  4. Abby Trott
Abby Trott
32 Kelly Nugent
  1. Matt Acevedo
  2. Brendan Milove
  3. Abby Trott
  4. Malika Lim Eubank
Malika Lim Eubank
33 Kelly Nugent
  1. Matt Acevedo
  2. Dewie Sherwood
  3. Alex Walters
  4. Jordan Pridgen
Alex Walters This episode featured only one simulation.

Kelly allowed Alex to "donate" one of his lives to Matt after Matt had already been eliminated. Alex did so in order to complete a hidden agenda (to get two players to incorrectly guess his hidden agenda).

Kelly allowed Matt to remain at the table despite losing all three lives and being eliminated.

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