The Phantom of the Opera is a recurring character on RogueLike. He was created by Kelly Nugent as a new side-effect for chat-donated medication.

The Phantom swings in on a hanging light fixture, finding the affected participant and declaring them to be his "angel of music." The participant is then compelled to sing a short song (often pertaining to the events of the simulation).

Episode Affected Subject Notes
19 Christian Spicer This was the debut of the Phantom.
27 Jessica Verdi
27 Ricky Mehigh
31 Josh Jones
31 Abby Trott

Notes Edit

  • As of Episode 32, the record for single-episode appearances of the Phantom is two.
    • The Phantom was summoned twice via back-to-back medication doses in Episodes 27 and 31.
  • Between Episodes 28 and 30, the Phantom was not seen. This was due to a combination of lack of medication side-effects and Kelly's absence as GM.
  • In Episode 32, Kelly announced that the Phantom was "on vacation." He was not seen in this episode.