Kelly from Corporate is the current Head Analyst (GM) for RogueLike.

She replaced Zac Eubank as Head Analyst effective Episode 16.

She is an over-the-top, somewhat sociopathic character portrayed by Kelly Nugent.

Background Edit

The character of Kelly from Corporate debuted in Episode 14, where she was conducting a performance review of Zac. In that simulation, she was briefly fired and subsequently rehired, with a greater focus on documenting Zac's behavior.

In Episode 16, after Zac's behavior further degenerated and he was fired, Kelly stepped in as Head Analyst (for what she thought was one simulation), and ultimately was "demoted" to this position on an active basis.

As the corporate representative, she still handles matters from upper-management (for example, in Episodes 20 and 21, where she was at a corporate retreat in the mountains, and in Episode 28, where she was quelling an uprising held by the Dungeon Inc. specimen).

Character Lore Edit

Past experiences have dictated where Kelly ended up.

As revealed in a flashback in Episode 25, Kelly was an unruly child who frequently terrorized her peers. She would make a friend with a similar temperament, and the two would join together to further terrorize their classmates. However, after they ran out of children to victimize, Kelly's friend turned on her, embarrassing Kelly by telling her that a friend's slumber party was actually a costume party.

From that point, Kelly vowed that she would never be manipulated again. As an adult, she received a "targeted ad from corporate" inviting her to work at Dungeon Inc. Rather than sending a resume or any information about herself, corporate simply wanted her to sign a contract in blood. She did so, and subsequently began working at the corporate level of Dungeon Inc.

In Episode X, she adopted Branson from Research and Development. In Episode X, as the result of an audience-assigned fear for Branson, she adopted DJ Hamburgers.

Further character lore will be documented as it is revealed.