Bacon Boi is a recurring character in the RogueLike universe who is primarily portrayed by GM Kelly Nugent. He has also been portrayed by Brendan Milove on one occasion.

Bacon Boi debuted in episode 25. He has since made appearances in episode 26, 27, 29 and 31.

Episode Appearance Purpose Notes
25 Debut Bacon Boi was created as a result of Matt Acevedo's hidden agenda (getting another player to say "there's no monster under there") being unsuccessfully pursued. The creation of a bacon "monster" underneath the table was the result.
26 Return via Sidequest Sidequest: BaconBoi demands a #Sidequest: Kill Matt. Extra points for whomever does the deed! The sidequest was assigned by Arsenalroy2k.
27 Return via Sidequest Sidequest: Find Bacon Boi a Girlfriend Bacon Boi was brought in as a distraction from the simulation's romantic comedy plot.
29 Return via Hidden Agenda Hidden Agenda: Find a Way to Change Your Character from Whatever It is to a Slimy, Greasy, Nasty Bacon Boi. This hidden agenda was assigned to Brendan Milove and was successfully completed. Brendan had to remain as Bacon Boi until the end of that character's life in the simulation.

The agenda was submitted by Arsenalroy2k.

31 Return via Sidequest Sidequest: Steal Bacon Boi's Voice for Ursula This sidequest was given in the night's first simulation and was completed in the second. It is the first sidequest to do so.

The quest was provided by the witch Ursula from The Little Mermaid, and was to provide her with Bacon Boi's voice.

This sidequest was successfully completed by Josh Jones.

Trivia Edit

  • A recurring joke with Bacon Boi's appearances is that some characters can see him and some cannot. His visibility is determined via a GM dice roll.
  • Since his creation, Bacon Boi has been seen in multiple non-RogueLike RPGs on HyperRPG. Notably, he was the main villain in a one-off episode of Ten Candles.